VSS10F2PB/CR VariLoc Incremental Stainless Steel Locking Hinge

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Adjustable Locking Hinges provide positive locking at any 10° increment. Once locked, the hinge becomes an absolutely rigid joint, able to withstand 500 inch-lbs of torque (5:1 safety factor). Applications include adjustable fixtures, rotating fixtures, welding fixtures, trunnion mounting, adjustable handles, foldable handles, adjustable part trays, adjustable shelves, adjustable racks, adjustable and/or fold-away work surfaces, positive positioning of lighting or nozzles, and collapsible structures. Patent numbers 5,586,363 and 5,689,999. Other patents pending. Made in USA.

Inline Model: Hinge extensions line up in the same plane. Total range of movement is 180° — 

Mounting: The version shown here has two mounting flanges. The flange provides two options for mounting:

1) Two 1/4-20 tapped holes allow fastening an object to the mounting flange;

2) Two 9/32"-dia clearance holes for 1/4" or M6 screws allow fastening the mounting flange to a surface. The tapped 1/4-20 mounting holes can also be used to attach a plate or angle bracket.


PDF: http://www.adjustablelockingtech.com/pdf_prints/stainless_mounting-flange/VSS10F2PB.pdf

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